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: How to Do group Chat on Whatsapp?

Group chat is the awesome way to talk to many people at the single platform which is quite obvious. Group conversations are the best entertainment for several kinds of people. Many people give importance to talk with each other either on text or voice chats. Facebook also gives this kind of options but whatsapp provide this service on mobile devices which is quite interesting. Group chat is similar to chatrooms but the difference is that many people can come into group chatting but in chatrooms only specific people can come. There are many kinds of people who want to share their thoughts and have other opinions on specific topics. So they want to be perfect and share their energies with most of the peoples. Other than the whatsapp group, Hichatroom is a great website to chat Online where you can chat online and no grouping is allow. There are many chat online rooms which you can use to stay in touch with people.

Difference between group chat and chatrooms!!

There is huge difference between the group chatting and chatrooms chatting platforms. Group chat is the platform where only specific people whom we allow and add only can chat. But chat sites are the platforms where people can chat openly and with anyone. Chat sites have the options to give rights to many people at the single place but chat groups have the different kinds of options where people cannot be ignored by others. You can also upload statuses to the group?s page. Whole group will be able to check you whatsapp status, so make sure you've a great whatsapp status on your profile. So there are many functions which you can use in the chatrooms to stay with the people and have chat together.

Which is more secure?

Online chat sites are more secure than the group chatting because it will rather make it impossible to monitor each member into whatsapp group. Whatsapp group members also cannot see the ids of yours. They cannot see your numbers only can see the names. Online chat sites have best servers where you can send files and photos, also can have voice chat with each other. Many people will have the conversation at the single platform and in group chat it is difficult to chat with each other. It is the better advice to use the online chat sites.